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History of CT Motorcycle Tires

In 2008, Chris Telford was a recently laid-off NBC photographer trying to figure out his next career move. One day he took his cycle in for tires and an oil change. It took three hours to complete a job he knew could be accomplished in about an hour and a half. That’s when the idea for CT Motorcycle Tires, established in 2009 was born.

To fund the business, Chris sold eight of his ten bikes. He spent the first two years visiting Bike Nights where other motorcyclists gathered and passed out his cards. He also gave cards to anyone he saw at his local gas stations. His goal was to bring in one customer a day. Since then, outside of two days, there has always been a customer in the shop.

“I knew I’d lose money the first year in business because you make mistakes. But I stand by the work I do.”

Chris has been riding with friends for years and is a member of the Iron Butt Association, which sponsors endurance rides throughout the country. He is also a supporter of Abate of CA, a group dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety for all motorcyclists through educational programs and lobbying efforts.