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HEIDENAU K60 Scout Cold Climate Tire 150/70B17 69T TL REAR

K60 Scout Cold Climate - REAR
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HEIDENAU K60 Scout Cold Climate Tire 150/70B17 69T TL REAR

A true "50/50" dual sport tire, the K60 Scout brings a proven balance of performance on- and off-road. With an improved tread and compound, the Scout delivers better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement, while delivering off-road as well.

The "chevron" style tread pattern is similar to full knobby designs which provides lots of open space between the tread blocks to route sand, mud and water from the contact patch while constantly keeping some rubber in contact with the road as the tire rotates.  This tire is a stand-out as it does not sacrifice on-road longevity and adhesion to the pavement for off-road traction.  A difficult feat for any tire to accomplish.

The K60 Scout "CC" or Cold Climate compound tires offer a revised formulation for better wet and cold weather performance. Riders in colder climates will find a tire that preforms dependably in wet or dry and delivers the value and performance that made famous the original K60 Scout Tires. The same sturdy belted construction has been used, ensuring the dependable performance and toughness that off-road riders expect. In dry, warm riding conditions, riders will see accelerated wear but also an increase in traction. Heidenau expects riders to see a 10% reduction in tire life compared to the standard K60 Scout when the tire is ridden exclusively in warm environments.

Note: Each K60 Scout tire size features its own unique tread design optimized for that tire's size and the needs of the bikes it will typically be installed on. Some rear tires have a chevron style thread while others have a continuous strip in the center.

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