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Brakes That Stop on a Dime

Having well-constructed brakes and brake pads on your bike is essential for your safety on the road. CT Motorcycle Tires, Inc. has been putting your safe passage as its number one priority since opening in 2009.

The shop carries EBC and DP brakes for every motorcycle from 1970-2021. Both brands offer sintered metal brakes and double H brake pads, essential qualities for safety on the road.

EBC is a world leader in motorcycle components, offering hundreds of styles in different calibers. Its double sintered brakes, made with a combination of copper and resin, prevent the rotors from overheating and are good at stopping.

DP brakes are typically a good fit for Harley’s and similar bikes but can be expensive. They are considered a “high friction race compound sintered brake”. The brakes are designed to absorb heat, reduce rotor wear, eliminate noise, and modify friction. Besides being known for its excellent performance in all types of weather and road conditions, the brakes will last for three tire changes, while most brakes last for two.

Brake service at CT consists of:

  • removing the old brake pads
  • installing new pads
  • cleaning the brakes
  • adjusting the caliper bleeding the line (an extra charge may apply)

Don’t take any chances. Equip your motorcycle with brakes and brake pads that work for the conditions you’ll be driving in. Call CT Motorcycle Tires, Inc., where road safety is our first concern. We'll do a brake inspection for you at no charge.