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We Match the Tires to Your Bike

Whether you are new to riding or a seasoned biker, your motorcycle will run better with the right tires. Not sure what kind of tires your bike needs? Don’t call your buddy down the street who just bought tires off the internet for advice, go to the professionals.

Reseda, CA-based CT Motorcycle Tires is known for its large inventory and attention to safety. The shop purchases tires and other parts in bulk, making it competitive price-wise with websites and chain stores.

CT sells and mounts motorcycle tires for every make and model of bike, including cruisers, Japanese metric bikes, dual-sport, and dirt bikes. Its five top-selling tires include Dunlop, Michelin (the top of the line for motorcycle tires), Metzler (our most popular), Bridgestone, and Avon. Customers like them because they’re durable and made in the U.S.A.

Owner Chris Telford, a long-time rider himself, is all about on-the-road safety, so he’s not going to recommend or install a tire that isn’t going to suit your bike or driving style.

Play it smart and stay safe on the road, and when you need new tires, contact CT Motorcycle Tires, your tire connection.

Mounting Process

CT Motorcycle Tires, Inc. doesn’t mess around when it comes to tire changes. As with everything at the shop, safety takes precedence. Technicians at CT use a state-of-the-art “touchless” machine that can mount tires with diameter rims from 10” to 26”, making it ideal for powder coated and chrome custom rims.

The sales and repair shop also looks over the wheel bearings, checks for loose or broken spokes (if needed), adjusts the chain tension, and inspects the sprockets.

A computerized spin balancer or balance beads is used to guarantee maximum performance from the tires. CT matches the tire to the bike to get the right equipment whether you are riding in the canyons, from work and back, on long rides, or off-road.

Next time your bike’s tires need replacing, don’t go to a stranger; visit CT Motorcycle Tires. We’ll take good care of you.

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