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Sprockets & Chains

➽ Please be aware that we do not install customer purchased parts or tires!

Focus on Endurance, Durability and Quality

CT Motorcycle Tires, Inc. is very clear about its views on chains and sprockets. They should:

  • be durable
  • have high tensile strength
  • work well for the bike
  • be changed about every 15,000 miles

The majority of the time, this means steel, not aluminum construction. However, aluminum works well for racing bikes as it weighs less, but it has a shorter life span under everyday wear and tear.

To meet the safety standards it holds itself to, CT carries Sunstar Unlimited chains and sprockets, known for its high-quality design and manufacture as well as its safety ratings. The shop can also get colored chains to match your fairing colors.

Chain sizes and tensile strengths vary between manufacturers and motorcycle models. Sprocket teeth also make a difference in how the bike accelerates. It all depends on whether the motorcycle is being used for a commuter ride, a canyon carver or stunter.

For motorcycle products and maintenance beyond what you’ve ever had before, contact CT Motorcycle Tires, Inc., your direct connection to quality and safety on the road.